Masters Tournament 2023: Complete Coverage

Masters Patrons Won't Find the Popular Peach Ice Cream Sandwich This Year (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The Masters Tournament is known for a lot of things.  The Augusta National Golf Club’s pristine golf course, gorgeous azaleas, the world’s finest golfers gathered together for undeniably the world’s finest golf tournament, and last but not least, it’s more than delicious and reasonable offerings at concession stands.

You can’t go to the Masters without indulging in their ever-famous pimento cheese or egg salad sandwiches, still just $1.50.

Patrons will be disappointed again, though, to learn that peach ice cream sandwiches won’t be on the list of menu choices.  In 2022, the popular item wasn’t available due to quality control issues from the supplier.

President of 288 Sports, Michael Wolf shared via Twitter yesterday that the peach ice cream sandwich won’t be returning to the menu at all.  Wolf said there will be a new dessert item, reportedly a berry ice cream replacement this year.

As for why concession prices continue to remain so low year after year, Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne said in 2007 that “We want the experience to not only be the best but to be affordable.  And we take certain things very, very seriously.  Like the cost of a pimento cheese sandwich is just as important as how high the second cut (of grass) is going to be.”

Concession prices range from $1 for Mini-Moon Pies to $6 for White Wine.  There are seven full-service concession stands strategically placed around the property, all stocked with sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and sweets.