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What Were The Hottest Concerts Of 2023?

The past two years saw the return of touring, and many acts have hit the road with a vengeance.  There have been amazing live performances, with some of the biggest artists returning to the road. Some tours were delayed due to COVID-19, while some musicians happened to take a long hiatus from performing altogether. Whatever the reason, in 2023, musicians across all genres of music announced world tours and stadium tours. Pop legends like Madonna and Janet Jackson are touring on a global scale, as are younger artists like Harry Styles and Morgan Wallen. Popularity with K-pop and Latin artists has brought musicians from both genres to have successful tours in 2023. Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Pink and the Cure have all been on the road this year as well. There is, of course, massive hype around Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. Her shows last three-and-a-half hours as she covers all aspects of her career, from country to pop to indie. With her two “surprise songs” each night, fans are always eager to find out what songs she’ll choose for that segment. On top of that, her timing is impeccable for fans “itching for a post-pandemic live music immersive experience.” Another factor is how much Swifties appreciate Taylor’s dedication to her craft: writing all her songs and reclaiming ownership of all of her music by re-recording her discography. Fans have also been buying and streaming the new versions of her old songs and the bonus tracks on her re-recorded versions of her albums. Secondary ticket market site Gametime released data showcasing the Top 10 Concert Tours of the year based on average ticket prices on their site. Take a look below at which ten music artists have the hottest concert tickets of 2023 so far, based on the prices of their tickets on Gametime.

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