North Carolina Beach Towns You Have to Visit

North Carolina is brimming with great beach towns. Wherever you go along the coast, you'll find plenty of charming beach towns to get your sun on. Now, the experts at Travel and Leisure magazine are highlighting a collection of great North Carolina beach towns that you should get on your radar. What's even better is that they reached out to locals in the state to help compile the roster of must-visit beaches. North Carolina Beach Towns You Have to See This Season The experts at Travel and Leisure magazine have put together a roster of the North Carolina beach towns that you should visit this season. They note the beauty and uniqueness of North Carolina beaches, writing, "They're the type of places where time moves a little slower, itineraries are flexible, and the only required decision is figuring out what to eat for dinner." They add, "This is particularly true in North Carolina, a state with more than 300 miles of coastline and countless beach towns that embrace this leisurely lifestyle accented by surf, sand, and the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen." Before we get to No. 1, let's look at a collection of beach towns that they recommend. No. 3 on the roster is Corolla, which has picturesque beaches and blue water. As for things to do in Corolla, Travel and Leisure suggests trying the Corolla Wild Horse Tours, "whose guides will help you witness the magic of the area's wild horses." They also say to visit the the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and head to the Whalehead museum. Coming in at No. 2 is Oak Island, which is very dog-friendly. They add, "This laidback lifestyle also extends into every facet of life on Oak Island, and most visitors spend their days lounging on the beach, traversing the town’s bike paths, or fishing from Oak Island Pier." Not, let's get into No. 1. What's interesting is that on this tally of the best North Carolina beach towns, the No. 1 pick was also recently voted No. 1 by the experts at Axios.com. It's Wrightsville Beach, which Travel and Leisure says, "comes recommended by Dean Neff, chef and co-owner of Seabird in nearby Wilmington, is the perfect place for anyone who feels at home at the water — or is interested in local shopping, casual eats, and fresh seafood." I'd love to visit all three of these beaches. Summer is just starting, so you have plenty of time to get some sun in one of these gorgeous settings. [select-listicle listicle_id="757526" syndication_name="tips-to-maximize-your-vacation" description="no"]