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Today is Sunday November 26 – the 330th day of the year.  There are 35 days left in 2023. 

We hope you’ve been enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Among the things we can all feel grateful for are our local public government workers.  Most of the time we don’t know their names.  They show up everyday following their mantra “Public Service IS our business!   

We’ll lead off today’s edition with an interview we first broadcast on March 19th of this year with the City of Fayetteville’s Director of Development Services DR. Gerald Newton.  He’ll continue his description of what he terms “steward leadership” and how it relates to how the City responds to Business Development opportunities.   

We’ll also hear from Cumberland County’s Assistant County Manager Brian Haney, who fill us in on a few of the County’s priorities over the Holidays and into the first months of the upcoming year.   

Thanks for joining us.  Let’s get started! 

Interview #1 (Pt. 2 of our conversation recorded in March of this year.) 

Dr. Gerald Newton, as we’ve mentioned, and only learned after I had completed my chat with him, IS descended from England’s Sir Issac Newton… and he brings years of experience and know how about how to get difficult things done to the Fayetteville area!  We’re lucky to have him. 

We’re also lucky to have Brian Haney of Cumberland County looking out for us as a County servant.  We asked Brian Haney to describe his position within Cumberland County! 

BH#1 :15  (Asst Co. Manager in charge of General Services and Stewardship, including financial services and Public Information) 

Talk about one of your current projects!   

BH#2 :27 (Public and County Employees Food Drive (distributed by 501(c)(3) non-profit Fayetteville Urban Ministries, now through December 15th.) 

To which County departments can concerned public and county employees donate non-perishable food, useful goods, hygiene items and toiletries? 

BH#3 :16  (There’ll be a truck in the County Courthouse parking lot, Animal Services, the Cumberland County Jail, Law Enforcement Center, DSS, Public Health and all County Library locations.) 

What are the most needed items people can donate? 

BH#4 :16  (Fayetteville Urban Ministries says canned meat, other non-perishable food, useful goods, hygiene items and paper products are all good.) 

How long can people donate to give Fayetteville Urban Ministeries a chance to get some items out during the Holidays? 

BH#5  :05 (Now through December 15th!) 

So, the collection runs about 3 more weeks.  Brian Haney, Assistant County Manager of Cumberland County and current Public Information Director, please summarize everything we’ve talked about regarding the non-perishable food, household goods, hygiene items and paper goods for which you’re looking. 

BH#6 :53 (Summary of above, emphasizing the historical contributions over 31 years by caring members of the public and county employees.) 

What other activities are Cumberland County Commissioners and County staff working on as we reach the new calendar year?

BH#7 1:35 (One of the biggest County initiatives:  DSS implementation of North Carolina’s recently approved Medicaid expansion to an estimated 35,000 eligible County residents.  People wishing to apply should submit applications starting at – it’s the quickest and easiest way to begin!  Cumberland County is also readying an educational campaign to help county residents with Medicaid expansion.  

The County Commissioners will manage a realignment of their responsibilities for the new calendar year starting at their December 4th meeting. 

Compensation study review has begun and will be part of the County’s plan for the new year in time to hold a major job fair in January, where the County will attempt to fill numerous county job vacancies.  

After that, the addition of budget planning and preparation will occupy much of the county’s March through June Period.) 

Thank you, Brian Haney, Assistant County Manager and Public Information spokesperson.  For more information, visit   

On this Thanksgiving Weekend, we have gratitude for the efforts of all our genuinely hard-working public servants!   

E.T. 27:07 

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