Talkback for Sunday, February 26th Cape Fear Valley Hospital’s Ben Beason and Lisa Hughes (Cumberland County Council on Older Adults) Download

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Today is Sunday, February 26th – the 57th day of the year. There are 308 days remaining in 2023

It’s also National Pistachio Day, Tell A Fairy Tale Day, Levi Strauss Day, Carnival Day, Black Lives Matter Day and National Carpe Diem Day

There are 14 days left until Daylight Saving Time starts

There are 19 days left until St Paddy’s Day

There are 34 days until April Fool’s Day

And 42 left until Easter

On February 26th, 1829, Levi Strauss, the inventor of Levi’s Jeans, was born

In 1870, first NYC subway line opened (pneumatic powered)

In 1919, the Grand Canyon National Park opened

In 1930, first red & green traffic lights installed in Manhattan NYC

In 1932, Country musician Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas

In 2012, Trayvon Martin died

and on February 26th, 2017, we lost Judge Joseph Wapner of the People’s Court.

February is Heart Month and Women’s Heart Month! – dedicated to the health of one of our most vital organs.  In recent years, Heart disease has surpassed cancer as the leading cause of death for both men and women. 

Following an incident in an NFL Football game on January 2nd  of this year, America saw one of the most dramatic examples of how someone who’d suffered cardiac arrest could be brought back to life within minutes through a combination of hands-only Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and a defibrillator – a device that sends an electric pulse or shock to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat.

After making a tackle, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin – seemingly in outstanding physical condition – dropped to the ground motionless. Fortunately, the Buffalo Bills medical team rushed to his aid and restarted his heart.  It took more than 9 terror-filled minutes – but was ultimately successful.

Our first guest today’s talkback, Benjamin Beeson, Patient Care Manager of Cape Fear Valley Hospital’s Cardiac Services, will discuss with us the value of hands-only CPR and defibrillation – how we can be trained on both – easy and free – so that we may, at the time we are needed, save a life.  He’ll also tell us how important it is to know it….because nearly 90 percent of those who suffer a heart attack outside a hospital die, That’s according to the American Heart Association.   

But if you call 911 at the first moment after a cardiac event occurs – and apply hands-only CPR and a shock from an automated external defibrillator (AED) – the chances for survival increase greatly!  Please listen.  (Interview)

Again, to schedule a free lesson on hands-only CPR…and possibly how to use an AED (if your organization has one) –get your pen ready- call Cape Fear Cardiac Services Patient Care Manager Ben Beason at (910) 6-1-5—8-2-9-4-  that’s (910) 6-1body else-5—82-94.

Beasley Media Group tries to remind us all there is no better way to take charge of our days and lives than to do something kind, thoughtful and/or encouraging for somebody else…with no thought of return for yourself.   It’ll make you feel good and it’s easy.  And the Cumberland County Council on Older adults is making helping someone else even easier.   The Cumberland County Council on Older Adults is seeking volunteers for it’s Telephone Reassurance Program – where you’ll make a call to an older adult who needs or wants someone else to periodically check on him or her for reasons ranging from  safety and wellness checks to companionship.  You’ll be matched according to time you have to give to depth of involvement you’re comfortable with.  Cumberland County Council on Older Adults Assistant Executive Director Lisa Hughes tells us more. (Interview)

You can reach Lisa at (910) 484-0111 – that’s (910) 484-0111.  Or [email protected].  That’s [email protected]

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