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GM PJ Today is Sunday, March 10, the 70th day of our leap year. There are 296 days left in 2024. Daylight saving time returned at 2 a.m. local time earlier this morning.  If you didn’t set your clock ahead one hour before you went to sleep last night, you’re probably an hour late.

Four guests on Talkback today.

The first is Fayetteville resident Danielle Lanterman, who contacted us late last week looking for suggestion on how to build awareness for Fayetteville’s Parkinson’s Disease Support Group…for Parkinson’s victims and caregivers.  We thought a good start was to come on the Talkback show.  We asked Danielle Lanterman to describe what is lost when someone contracts Parkinson’s Disease.

Interview 5:19 (Danielle Lanterman)

We thank Danielle Lanterman for being one of our Talkback guests today.  If you’d like more information, search Parkinson’s Disease Support Group Fayetteville, NC on Facebook.  That’s Parkinson’s Disease Support Group – Fayetteville, NC.  Or call (910) 518-the Second Saturday 0045…that’s (910) 518-0045.  They held their March Meeting yesterday at the Kiwanis Rec Center.  Their next meeting will be on the second Saturday in April (the 13th) at 10am at Fayetteville’s Kiwanis Rec Center – Ft. Bragg Road at Dever St.  We’ll hear more from Danielle in the future.

You may have heard, there are many law enforcement jobs available in North Carolina and Cumberland County and the Fayetteville area!  While law enforcement is not for everyone – it’s a high satisfaction career for those suited for it!  It also pays well, with good benefits.  For those who love it, it’s a terrific public service job!  The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking both deputies and detention officers.  Deputies can start as much as near $50,000 dollars a year even while being trained.   In the first of a series of discussions with area law enforcement recruiters, let’s learn more from Gilbert Baez Jr’s conversation with Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mickey Locklear.  

Interview 3:23 (Sgt. Mickey Locklear)  

Thank you, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mickey Locklear.   You can Search “Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Jobs” for more information.  We’ll always need good law enforcement officers.  We’ll highlight more great paying, great benefit LOCAL law enforcement opportunities in the weeks to come.

We love to report on the topical outreach efforts by our local churches.  To help bring home Women’s History Month, the Women’s Ministry at Lewis Chapel is dedicating a week to it.  And, of course, area women, men and families are encouraged to join in and take part in yet another Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist inclusive and welcoming outreach! 

Interview #3 (Whitney Shipp & Deborah Johnson) 9:29

Thank you Whitney Shipp and Deborah Johnson, part of the Women’s Ministry – highlighting a vibrant and exciting Women’s Week at Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.  See the Calendar at Lewis Chapel dot org…or look for Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist all over Social Media.  Women’s Week runs Wednesday through Next Sunday!

You’d probably need to have spent months under rock to not have heard about PFAS.  Those so-called “forever chemicals” used in cookware coating manufacture that were manufactured by Du Pont, the predecessor of Chemours, that were released unregulated into our air and water supply for years before coming under scrutiny!  Now that more is known about these compounds, and the state is setting strict limits on what would be considered unsafe exposure levels, media stories about “who knew what when” have  attempted to implicate Fayetteville’s Public Works Commission in knowing more than they really knew or had ANY CONTROL OVER!

PWC’s Communications and Community Outreach Officer Carolyn Justice Hinson says she’s fielded reactions from customers who say they mad about these chemical.  Carolyn says PWC is mad too!  She explains.

Interview #4

Thank you, Carolyn Justice Hinson, Communications and Community Outreach Officer at Fayetteville’s Public Works Commission.  As always, see FAY-PWC-dot COM for more information about PFAS AND the upcoming PWC Energy Saving EXPO on Friday the 22nd of March!

In some of the stories we’ll cover next week, sign-ups begin for the re-energized Cumberland County Citizen’s Academy…And we’ll learn more about the Salvation Army’s plans for kids programs this summer!  The Salvation Army still needs our help in making up the donation shortfall from this past Christmas season!

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