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You got this girl! Here's 5 books that helped shape Babydoll as a Black woman.

Since March is Women’s History Month I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my greatest treasures with y’all – the books that shaped me as a Black woman!

These books expanded my mind to new places and experiences. They introduced me to womanhood as an adolescent. They taught me that I wasn’t the only little Black girl in this world going through soul crushing life experiences. More than anything, they taught me that it’s called “going through,” because there is another side.

So this month, share these and more of your favorites with a girl finding her way into womanhood.

If you are the girl still finding your way, enjoy! Just remember two things: Babydoll is rooting for you, and all things are working for your good because you got this and God got you! You hear me?

  • Flyy Girl

  • The Coldest Winter Ever: A Novel

  • Their Eyes Were Watching God

  • Coffee Will Make You Black: A Novel (Stevie Stevenson)

  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings