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Looking to make good things happen in your life? Manifesting could be the trick. Babydoll has some advice.

We often hear about successful people and their manifestation techniques. From Oprah Winfrey to Jim Carrey we hear some of the our most inspiring manifestation stories from celebrities.

Still it’s not as common in regular human conversation to talk about it. Common or not, not only can you manifest what you want and don’t want in life. You already do. So many people talk around the “secret” in books like Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I’ll tell you the secret: THINK.

Our thoughts have power, and good bad or ugly they manifest. So why not use a few steps to help you manifest the things you actually want?

  • Step 1: Be Intentional

    Be intentional about the things you want &  even write them down.

  • Step 2. Just Ask!

    Ask for what you want from God or the universe (or whatever you believe in), Abraham Hicks always says you don’t get wet from the word water.

  • Step 3. Set Goals

    Set then work towards your goal. It doesn’t require a ton of effort but do something useful with your time.

  • Step 4. Trust the Process

    Have faith & trust the process, whatever that looks like.

  • Step 5: Be Thankful!

    Walk in gratitude, all things really are working for your good.

  • Step 6: Ignore Distractions

    Don’t get caught up in negativity like problems and gossip. Like attracts like so stop listening to people who don’t have, say , or do what you’d like to attract.

  • Step 7: Don't Block Your Blessings!

    Don’t block your blessings, remember your number one blocker is your own thinking. So if you start having doubts, think about something else; or meditate and think about nothing at all.

  • Bonus Step: Letting Go doesn't mean Giving Up

    Letting Go doesn’t mean Giving Up. It simply means allowing things to fall into place organically. All while maintaining faith instead of applying more effort.

  • How to let go