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Toosii has been all over with his precious new baby Ezrah.

Congratulations to Toosii and his girlfriend Samaria Davis who announced the pair were expecting their first baby on April 17 via Instagram.

“This the best thing that ever happened to me,” Toosii said in the post.

I absolutely love South Coast Music Group’s breakout superstar Toosii, he is by far one of my favorite Gen Z artists! His talent, dedication to his craft, and genuinely humble spirit shine through his music.

Seeing him happy, in love, and now a father is beautiful to watch unfold.

“HEY GUYS! Ezrah is 1 month today 🖤 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON LOL NAH FR THOUGH ITS LIT ALL DAY,” he said in another recent post about the baby.

He even wrote a song about the baby, called “Letter to Ezrah” with some of the sweetest lyrics.

Oh, how I love ya
Know I never put no one above ya (ayo, Harry, run that s— back)
Know I never let nobody touch ya (Bossman, you went crazy on this one)
And I love your mama, even though that she got selfish ways
Named you Ezrah ’cause you always helpin’ angels
Jumped off the deep and it get deeper (uh)
Daddy be gone for the weekend (uh)
It seem like every time I hold you, I get weaker, and weaker

Check out the photos of his precious baby son Ezrah below, along with some of my favorite Toosii tracks!