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Tell me why I get out of the Hospital last week, pull up at a gas station & hear the dude beside me bumping a Finess2Tymes song I’d never heard at ignorant levels (that’s the only volume worthy btw.) I began to stare at the dude beside me until finally I had to ask, is that new? He’s like yeah, he just dropped his album. I think that was the worst part of my hospital stay, I missed Finesse2tymes dropping 90 days. I’m making up for lost time today, check out some of my favorite tracks off of this project. Technically you should know that 90 Days is a 15 song long, no skip album. “Finesse, 2 of ’em” & you’re welcome!

  • Finesse2Tymes - Goin Straight In 2

  • Finesse2Tymes - Get Even

  • Finesse2Tymes - Finesse Duh P

  • Finesse2Tymes - Rules to the Streets

  • Finesse2Tymes - Lil Baby