Could Fayetteville see snow AGAIN this weekend? Looks like there's a chance.

So Fayetteville, remember when we told you earlier this week that the chance of snow may be (but most likely wouldn’t be) coming again? Well it turns out we might have been right.

After a weekend of just icy nonsense two weeks ago, and a great blast of snow this last weekend, there’s now a chance that we’ll get at least a little more this weekend. Why does this keep happening on the weekends though? Hmm.

It’s probably not going to be 5 inches of the stuff, but we’ve already had our one good snowman day of the year anyway. So now we may just get the dusting of Fayetteville snow we are used to.

Here’s the setup:

There’s a lot of cold air in the works, which may seem weird since it’s been like 60 degrees. But trust us, it’s there. The high pressure system is pushing all that frigid air this way, and today, it will only get to 44 degrees.

Mix that with some precipitation that’s also scheduled to come around this weekend, and well, you know the drill by now. Fayetteville and snow have a weird, conflicted relationship. So there’s always a chance the stupid warm nose will push in off the coast and dash Fayetteville snow chances once again.

Let’s take a look at what the science people have to say about it:

  • National Weather Service Growing Confidence

    If there’s someone you want in your corner when it comes to snow projections, it’s the National Weather Service. Our friends in Raleigh say things are getting more likely.

  • Even Wilmington Agrees Here

    The coastal area is even thinking something might happen…

  • Models Are Coming Together

    There are a LOT of weather models. They all do weird things, but when they start coming to a closer consensus, that’s when meteorologists like Allan Huffman can start to make more educated forecasts. Here he takes a look at the GFS model.

  • Trending Westward

    Our old pal Chick Jacobs points out that the ensembles are trending a little more to the west (these projections were out in the ocean a few days ago).

  • So What Should You Expect?

    It’s still a little early, but be prepared for some moisture Friday night and into Saturday. Will it be just rain? Will it be snow? We don’t quite know yet. We’ll keep you updated! Stay safe… and check out these fun photos from last week in the meantime.

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