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Is MoneyBagg Yo the sexiest rapper in the game right now? Babydoll wants to know!

Recently MoneyBagg Yo opened a restaurant in his hometown of Memphis Tennessee: Cache 42 Kitchen and Cocktails.

Being a huge Bagg fan, I can’t wait to get to Memphis and support. However, I found the online commentary surrounding the menu prices disturbing. I mean, tell me you have never been anywhere nice without telling me you have never been anywhere nice. The biggest complaint was about Cache 42 charging $135 for a steak. I’m a vegan and still I comprehend the value of a 40 ounce tomahawk steak. There are literally restaurants charging over $200 for the same steak. I guess Finess2Tymes said it best:

It’s cool when they do it, it’s a problem when I do it…

We’re not even going to get into the fact the the menu is filled with other less expensive options. Still fans had to get on Bey’s internet slandering Moneybagg Yo for attempting to extend culture to the uncultured. We all have options. We can choose to eat within our budgets wherever they may be. We can choose not to patronize Moneybagg Yo’s restaurant. What we won’t do though, is continue to come for my man (no he’s not aware of our relationship or my existence… yet.)


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