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Stacey Dash

Hello my Luvs! I don’t call the new home of all things messy for nothin! Slide on over into my messy corner of the Doll’s House right here, and catch up on Megan Thee Stallion, Stacey Dash, and Moneybagg Yo. Odd combination, I know; but still, keep scrollin (DJ Khaled voice).

  • Megan Thee Stallion Twerking with She Hulk

    This Literally is my feel good video of the fall! It embodies so many elements of girl power while embracing your inner feminine beast!

  • Pray for Stacey Dash

    While the internet has jokes about Stacey Dash and her just realizing the Legendary DMX passed, I feel sad for her. Stacey Dash was the epitome of a 90s Teen Queen, but watching her on social media now I see a grown A** woman battling with her on personal demons and life. That is never an easy process, but it can get quite messy. Bless her whole heart.

    “I was strolling through #tiktok and found a #DMX song that has saved me many times. Suddenly it says #RIP i know I am late, i did not know he passed away, he #OD I am heartbroken – he was such a great guy. #devestated #staceydash #fyp #sober

    FOX, 20th Century FOX Television, FX Networks And National Geographic Channel's 2014 Emmy Award Nominee Celebration - Arrivals

    Stacey Dash

  • I can finally shoot my shot at Moneybagg Yo

    “Happy, paid, and single! Ready for everything new!” – Ari Fletcher

    It appears that Moneybagg Yo and girlfriend Ari Fletcher have officially parted ways, for now at least. I won’t even pretend to be devastated by the news because A – I’m always here for girl power & Ari stays on her boss chicness. B – Now I don’t have to feel guilty for lusting over this man…

  • I mean you have actually seen Bagg right?

    Tidal X Rock The Vote Benefit Concert

    Moneybagg Yo isn’t afraid to show how he got that bag. Here’s 8 Hip Hop songs that will help motivate you to get yours.

  • The internet even produced receipts over the weekend of Fletcher being sued about the Lamborghini Urus that she told Beyonce's internet that Moneybagg purchased for her back in 2020.

    Back when she originally posted the truck, singer K. Michelle came from what seemed to be out of nowhere to throw shade at the couple. She claimed via live that Moneybagg leased the six figure SUV, while Ari clapped back stating it was in her name & was not leased.


    The in her name part appears to be true since she is the one being sued by the company leasing her Lambo. She is said to owe over 5k for the month of February, and the following months. According to the internet the truck has now been repossessed. The strange part is that I’m pretty sure either one of them can swing a 5K car payment, so maybe someone is just being petty at this point.