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Tradia has three must-have social media apps to help you network!

If you’re trying to make your mark in the business world, I’ve got the top social media apps for you.

I know networking or searching for your dream job can be very stressful especially when your resume is one in a million in the job search.

Over these past few years, I’ve discovered these social apps that have made networking for jobs or opportunities much easier.

I’m here to help you land that dream job or opportunity sis, or bro! So check out my top 3 social media apps you need to use for networking, including LinkedIn!

  • No. 3 - Clubhouse


    Lowest on my list, but still important is Clubhouse.

    The app Clubhouse launched in 2020 and it’s a platform where you can listen in on people’s audio conversations about topics you are interested in. You can also start your own conversation which they call “rooms”

    Clubhouse is good for networking because while in “rooms” you are interested in, you are allowed to follow people, speak and join in on conversations important to you. If you are interested in real estate or cooking, Clubhouse is a great social app you can use to network.

  • No. 2 - Facebook Groups

    Facebook groups

    This app allows you to connect with people who share your interest, which is perfect when you are looking to network with people in your desired job field. Facebook Groups were launched in 2004 through Facebook. According to sources, it’s not marketed as a networking tool, but it has proven to be one of the best ways to meet and network with others.

  • No. 1 - LinkedIn

    My personal favorite social media app for networking. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is used to find and connect with people across the world.

    LinkedIn has over 740 million members, which means more people for you to network with!. LinkedIn has personally helped me reach people in my desired career field that I would never be able to connect with. I strongly encourage you to utilize your profile, make it fit the desired job you are looking to land!

    Check these apps out and good luck with networking or your job search!