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Jane Dough

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Watch the video to find out how!

Jane Dough started her career in broadcasting when she was 21 years old. Raising her 2 kids who are now in their late teens. Jane Dough attended Central Carolina Community College where she received her Associate’s Degree in Broadcasting Production Technology in 2004. Jane Dough started as an intern with News 14, moving up to become a Digital Editor. In the summer of 2003 Jane Dough’s grandmother on her father’s side passed away. This is when Jane realized she was too emotional for TV.

She then turned her focus to radio with the help of her professor Mr. Freeman. That same summer of 2003, Jane applied for an internship with a locally owned radio station in Fayetteville. After a week of being an intern, she was offered the Midday position, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm.

By August of 2005, Jane decided she was ready to take her talents to the #1 radio station in the Fayetteville market, Foxy 99. By September of 2006, Jane’s hard work paid off. She was selected out of 50,000 applicants for the Midday position, Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm with Foxy 99. She’s held that #1 spot for over a decade and counting! Not only does she hold down Middays, but Jane Dough is also Foxy 99’s Social Media Manager and assists with Promotions as well!