Alyssa Debonair

Keep your delivered Packages safe from Porch Thieves During the Holidays

So it’s Holiday Season and unfortunately there’s a lot of what they are now calling porch pirates trying to steal all of your packages right at your front door. No need to fear, you have a few more options than you think.  One of them is a called AMAZON KEY…it’s an app you download to your phone and it notifies you when the delivery person is at the front door. The app allows you to hit a button on the app unlocking your front door and allowing the delivery person to pen the door and place the package inside. If your're not comfortable with a stranger having access to your house, amazon also offers a similar service to where you can unlock your car from the app and the delivery person can drop the package into your trunk. Now if none of those work for you, you can always request to pick up your mail from the post office or even at Walgreens. The store  recently teamed up with Fed-ex to allow you to pick up your packages there. You can even get UPS wall lockers. This works where you are assigned an access code and the packages are delivered there instead of your house. Donn’t forget about your neighbors!! You can always ask a good neighbor to bring in your packages for you until you get home. Plenty of ways your can keep those packages safe!!!  -Alyssa Debonair - Baddest Chick in Radio