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Kelly Rowland Addresses Destiny Child Rumors On ‘Renaissance’

Fans believe that Beyoncé's third act on Renaissance could feature a Destiny's Child reunion. Kelly Rowland is on her press run for Mea Culpa, her new film available now on Netflix. And she's (kinda) answering the burning question. In her latest interview per HipHopDX, the Destiny's Child alum responded to a host who asked if Act III of Renaissance would be a reunion with the girl's group. "That is her business to talk about, not mine," she answered before adding, "Just ask them. I’m here to talk about Mea Culpa." While it's not a "no," it definitely is not a "yes" either, leaving fans still confused on what Act III could be. The other rumor that is circulating is that Act III could be a rock album following Act II being country and Act I being house. The theme of Renaissance fans believe that Beyoncé is taking on music genres that have neglected the impact of Black artists as the art form became popular. However, the third act has yet to be announced. Beyoncé Drops New Music & Announces Act II Of Renaissance On Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 11), Beyoncé [inlink id="beyonce-releases-new-music-announces-new-album-during-super-bowl" text="announced"] that she will be dropping Act II of Renaissance next month. In her Verizon ad, which was released during the Super Bowl, the singer was scrolling through an iPhone; the commercial referenced several moments from her career including "breaking the internet"  with her 2013 drop of her self-titled album. In the ad, she's at a lemonade stand, which referenced her 2016 Grammy-winning album Lemonade.  A "Barbey" moment showed the singer dressed in all pink, referencing the Oscar-nominated film Barbie. A mention of "BOTUS" was a take on "POTUS," or "President of the United States." She ends the commericial by saying, "OK, they ready — drop the new music. I told y’all the ‘Renaissance’ is not over." In addition to the album announcement, she dropped singles "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages." Act II will be a country album as the singer takes claim of her Texan roots. According to Billboard, Beyoncé made history as the first Black woman to debut atop the Country Music Charts. "Texas Hold 'Em" took the top spot with "16 Carriages" debuting at No. 9. Renaissance Act II is out 3/29. [select-listicle listicle_id="638444" syndication_name="beyonce-the-best-viral-moments-from-her-renaissance-tour-so-far" description="no"]

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