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Hip Hop Snapshot: Chaka Kahn’s Daughter Calls Out Diddy; Ari Fletcher Accusing Someone of Stalking

Welcome to Babydoll's Hip Hop Snapshot! We're diving into the latest viral social media moments to give you the inside scoop on your favorite memes! This week has been wild with shocking revelations, glitzy appearances, and headline-making deals. Let's see what's trending: Cassie Breaks Her Silence and Issues Statement via Instagram Cassie finally spilled the tea on Instagram. In a heartfelt and candid post, the singer and model addressed fans, sharing her thoughts and giving us all the closure we needed on recent events. Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her H-Town Roots on the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Kelly Rowland lit up the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, proudly repping her Houston roots. Dressed to impress, she turned heads and reminded everyone why she's a star. 50 Cent Sells Diddy Documentary to Netflix 50 Cent just made another power move, selling a documentary about Diddy to Netflix. This deal is another feather in his cap, promising viewers an unfiltered look into Diddy's journey and legacy. Chaka Khan's Daughter Wants All the Smoke with Diddy In a twist nobody saw coming, Chaka Khan’s daughter Indira has publicly called out Diddy for disrespecting her mom and assaulting her brother. Joe Budden's Ex Tahiry Says He Has No Space to Speak on Domestic Violence Tahiry, Joe Budden's ex, took to social media to drop some truth bombs about domestic violence, saying Budden has no right to comment. This set off a firestorm of reactions and debates. Ari Fletcher Accuses Moneybagg Yo's Baby Mama of Stalking Her Ari Fletcher ignited controversy by accusing Moneybagg Yo’s ex-girlfriend of stalking her. Drama unfolded with a series of T-shirt slogans and spicy social media posts between Ari and Juicy Baby. Ari posted a selfie in a crop top saying, "His ex is my biggest fan." Juicy Baby clapped back with her own selfie, wearing a top that read, "Tell your boyfriend to stop calling me." Ari took it to X (Twitter) to support Mental Health Awareness Month with a shady message that didn't sit well with Juicy. Juicy fired back on her Instagram Stories: “ONLY THING MENTAL IS YOUR FAKE HAPPY ASSSS!! IT BE THE MFS YOU LEAST EXPECT THAT BE WATCHING LIKE A MF ON GOD!!! RIGHT GAME, BUT WRONG B.TCHHH FYM!!” Moneybagg Yo chimed in briefly on X with, "People be weird. Ain’t nobody talkin’ about me," then deleted it. Ari wasn't having it, tweeting, “Don’t say nobody says your babymama’s name. It’s been 5 years of stalking and harassment. This shit is SO beneath me.” Ari continued the feud: “You on your page promoting fraud and getting child support. You live in a fucking Airbnb. We call you the cafeteria lady. You were a prostitute that he got pregnant. Nobody is messed up about him but you.” Juicy's IG response? “5 YEARS OF WHATTT? YEAH SOMEBODY BEEN MISLEADING YOU REAL BAD JIGSAW!! AINT NO WAY YOU THINKING THIS !! YOU ONE GOFERRR ASSS B.TCHHHHH I SEEE ! STALK? HARASS? WHO? MANEEE YOU SO LOST IN THE MF SAUCE IT’S SAD.” And, “AIRBNB?? ASK HIM DO I LIVE IN A AIRBNB BOOKIE!! LIKE I SAID ALL YO INFO WRONG AS STUPID ASSSS!!” Misa Hylton Offers Support for Cassie Amid Cassie's recent revelations, Misa Hylton, Sean Combs' son's mother, publicly offered her support. Hylton's show of solidarity warmed hearts as she praised Cassie’s bravery and honesty. Fans appreciated this touching moment, highlighting the industry’s sense of community. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive insights into the ever-evolving world of hip-hop and social media. Babydoll's Hip Hop Snapshot keeps you in the know, bringing you closer to the artists and moments you love. You're welcome.

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