Minda Lou

ButterBurgers Are Coming To Town, Culver’s Restaurant Planned for Hope Mills

Say Hallelujah and pass the frozen custard, Culver's Restaurant is coming to the Hope Mills area! Our neck of the woods is more than ready to say "Welcome to Delicious" with a new location of the midwest-based fast-casual chain currently planned for the area, opening sometime in 2024. Online plans filed with Cumberland County show a 4,124-square-foot building going in near the Millstone shopping center in Hope Mills (the 3320 South Peak Drive address is Fayetteville). If you are unfamiliar with this fast food treasure, Culver's is a Wisconsin-based eatery made famous for their mouth-watering butter burgers, frozen custard and their Wisconsin cheese curds, a delightful mix of yellow and white cheddar.  These curds, sourced from Wisconsin, are known for their crispy, melty texture once battered and fried. According to Culver's, "Frozen custard was a longtime favorite tasty treat for the Culver family, who frequently made trips to Milwaukee (the unofficial custard capital of the world) for their favorite dessert. But running a typically summer business year-round would require menu variety. Burgers were their first menu item and they needed a name. Craig remembered when his mom would butter the top of a bun and lightly grill it until toasted. From this, the "ButterBurger" was born." Check out Culver's culture and the menu online here. "The success of our nationally growing franchise system is due to our franchise owners’ commitment to core values of working hard, welcoming our guests with genuine hospitality and fresh, made-to-order meals. Every franchise owner operates his or her restaurant in a full-time capacity after completing a comprehensive four-month training program." [gallery ids="261347,261344,261338,"]

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