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Nags Head Wins Most Popular of Top 10 North Carolina Beaches for Summer

It's nearly time to fill your summers with trips to the beaches, and according to one study, the most popular beach in North Carolina this year will be Nags Head. Now, if you've spent any time around the beaches of North Carolina, you know this is probably NOT the most popular beach to go to, so it's important to put this into perspective. The good folks over at (pssst...gambling is probably coming here soon), put together this list of the 10 Most Popular Beaches in North Carolina. And the data is entirely based entirely on search interest across Google Trends for the past 90 days. " used U.S. News & World Report’s “Best North Carolina Beaches” list as a starting point to see which beaches to use in our research. We then utilized Google Trends to gather the search interest of each beach listed in their report over the past 90 days to finalize the Top 10 beaches that people are looking to visit in NC." So, it's likely that Nags Head is the most popular VACATION destination, based on the Outer Banks being somewhere that people flock to from all over the country. "It’s a skinny strip of an island – its narrowest point is barely wider than the length of a football field – that has the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds to its west," author Howard Gensler said in his piece. "Nags Head has nearly 12 miles of shoreline, featuring the highest sand dunes in the east, great views, plus some of the Outer Banks’ best restaurants. Also, dogs are allowed on the beach." The data also shows a serious lean toward other Outer Banks locations as well. So let's take a look at the Top 10 Most Popular NC Beaches this Summer, at least according to this study.

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