It's National Coffee Day and what better way to celebrate than by grabbing a cup at our favorite spots around Fayetteville.

Happy National Coffee Day, Fayetteville!

We hear so often just how good coffee is for you. It can increase your lifespan, is good for your heart, good for your liver, and of course gives you just the perfect jolt of caffeine!

According to National Today, there’s a bit of confusion about the “holiday’s” history:

“The history of National Coffee Day seems a bit, well, cloudy. We believe September 29 came about as a jolting reminder to get back to work following a long summer — even though it’s a full week after the first day of fall. After all, Americans have turned procrastination into an art form.”

And of course, our heritage is based on tea, not coffee.

“Back in the U.S., if it weren’t for the Boston Tea Party in 1773, Americans may never have swapped tea for coffee. When the colonies revolted against King George III’s hefty tea tax, tea was out and coffee was in. Things really started to percolate in the mid 1800s when brothers John and Charles Arbuckle started selling coffee to cowboys in the American West. James Folger successfully introduced coffee to gold miners in California. Upon returning to San Francisco in 1865, Folger became a full partner of The Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills — which eventually became the J.A. Folger & Co. in 1872.”

So what are the best places right here in Fayetteville to get that delicious cup of coffee? Here’s some of our favorites!

  • Rude Awakening - Downtown Fayetteville

    Open since 1999 in the heart of Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville, Rude Awakening has been an iconic staple when it comes to coffee. Whether you sit outside on the sidewalk, inside, or out on their cute back patio, you can grab a great coffee and snack and take the breather you need! No need to rush at Rude Awakening.

  • The Coffee Scene

    With multiple locations, you can get a different vibe at almost every Coffee Scene. The newly opened location at the Prince Charles in downtown Fayetteville is the perfect place for a work meeting or interview. On Morganton Street you’ll find students studying and friends gathering. But the most important part is that you get a quality experience no matter which location you visit, along with a great cup of joe!

  • Cumberland Coffee Roasters - Hope Mills

    Their website boasts that their coffees are guaranteed to be fresh roasted within one week from your placed order. With cozy and comfortable seating, you can grab your favorite coffee OR smoothie and relax with friends. Fresh, high quality beans means the perfect cup of coffee to get your day started!

  • Vagabond Cafe - Downtown Fayetteville

    Nestled at 108 Hay Street, Vagabond Cafe has made a name for itself, quickly gaining popularity. Serving the community since 2019, they specialize in hand crafted drinks and specialty coffee. The ambiance of the store alone is enough to invite you in, but add the high quality espresso and amazing workers and you won’t want to leave!

  • The Morning Jump Coffee Company - Spring Lake

    This drive-thru location is both fast, efficient, and tasty! Nestled between Fayetteville and Spring Lake, the veteran-owned and operated coffee shop proudly serves Fort Bragg, especially all those soldiers on their drive in and out of work. Plus they prepare both breakfast and lunch with friendly smiles!

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