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The Foxy 99 listeners have spoken. Here's the worst insects.

For Top 3 Tuesday, G-Moniy asked the listening audience what their Top 3 LEAST favorite insects were.

There were plenty of different answers ranging from insects that fly, to the ones that crawl, and some that weren’t even insects… they were people. Because you know, people be bugging.

Here is the list of the least favorite insects according to the Foxy listeners.

  • Mosquitoes

    The absolute most hated, they’ve been compared to itty bitty vampires.

    Close-Up Of Mosquitoes

    Everybody hates mosquitoes. (Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images)

  • Bedbugs

    Once they show up you might as well burn your mattress.

    bed-bug: cimex lectularius on human

    Bed Bugs. Gross. (Getty Images)

  • Spiders

    I think the ladies hate the fact they have so many legs.


    joro spiders

    The end is clearly near, as the East Coast is likely due for an invasion of the “flying” Joro spiders this summer. It’s been a good ride folks.

  • Gnats

    What is even their purpose for life?

    UK Daily Life 2020

    These things are obnoxious. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

  • Wasps

    Everybody hates being stung. Big enough to make you sprint away like you’re running a race.


    Wasps are just nasty. (Getty Images)

  • Roaches

    Self Explanatory…they’re f*!@# Roaches!

    Kentucky Teacher Holds Her Annual "Run For The Roaches" Race For Remote Class

    Gross. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)