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INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 02: Summer Walker attends Billboard Women in Music 2022 at YouTube Theater on March 02, 2022 in Inglewood, California.

Summer Walker is catching some heat after she posted a very strict criteria for a possible new assistant. The Still Over It singer posted on her @glctawhre Instagram account Monday (Dec. 5) that she is seeking a male assistant and is offering $2,000 a month to someone that lives in Atlanta, is at least 25 years old, knows how to “build stuff,” has their own car, and are “preferably white or gay.”

Fans felt as though her post was discriminatory to Black people, so she took to her main Instagram account to call out everyone who had a problem with the job description.

“If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then why are you talking about it?” she began per HipHopDX. “I really would like to know that. ‘Oh, $2K ain’t enough, $2K ain’t enough.’ How do you know if it’s not enough? I could have told somebody to come over here once a week and smell my a–hole and leave. How do you know it’s not enough? Do you know the job description? Do you know the hours?

“I am on maternity leave, I’m not working. We have no shows, we have no club appearances, we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. I told somebody to come over here once a week to come take my f—ing trash out, s— like that. Put some gas in my car, s— I don’t feel like doing. But that is not y’all business, I don’t have to explain that to you.”

“Bottom line, y’all need to go out and touch grass,” she said. “Y’all don’t f—ing know what you’re talking about, don’t know me from a f—ing can of paint, and y’all out here writing think pieces in my DMs about s— that you have no clue about. I just blessed somebody, just got f—ing $2,500-a-month to do f—ing nothing, once a week. F—ing take out my trash, f—ing bring in my groceries.

Despite all the drama that unraveled from the singer’s job post, she took to Instagram to announce that the job has been filled. The ATL native said in a video that she ended up hiring a Black man for the assistant position she posted, and that he’ll only be working once a week. She also added that he will be paid slightly over $2,500 a month to help out with errands.

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