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50 Years of Hip Hop

Aux Goddess Playlist: 11 Songs That Define Grown Folk’s Hip Hop

As we wrap up 50 years of celebrating the Genre and Culture of Hip Hop, we have to recognize that a lot of Hip Hop Fans and artists are real grown ups. So often Hip Hop has been associated with youthfulness in many ways. However I find myself being drawn to more grown up Hip Hop lately. Hip Hop that speaks to parenthood, relationships, travel, and even spirituality. Not to take anything away from the other forms of the art, but I think "Grown Folk Hip Hop" is blossoming into it's own sub-genre. Hip Hop has always been a voice for the youth, representing their struggles and triumphs. But as the genre has evolved over the years, so have its listeners and artists. Many of those who grew up listening to Hip Hop are now parents, entrepreneurs, and professionals. And with age comes a different perspective on life, which is reflected in the content of "grown folk Hip Hop." No longer solely focused on partying or material possessions, this sub-genre dives into deeper topics like parenthood and relationships. Artists like Jay-Z, Nas, and Common have all touched on these themes in their music, showcasing a more mature side to Hip Hop. But it's not just about discussing adult responsibilities. Grown folk Hip Hop also explores the realities of life, offering a genuine and relatable perspective. It's all about connecting with the audience on a personal level, sharing experiences and stories that resonate with them. So, if you're looking for music that speaks to your journey through life, give grown folk Hip Hop a listen. It might just become the soundtrack to your own story. 💯🎵Keep Scrolling for some of my favorite tracks.

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