50 Cent's show Power has one of those never skip theme songs.

Theme songs are a lost art. Think about all the most iconic themes you have ever heard and you would hear some of the best pieces of music that there is. Previously I’ve shown some love to some of the cartoon themes like Street Sharks and Gummi Bears but that’s just the cartoons.

Television has wide ranges of different styles and premises that need just as much attention. I feel like though, with the amount of content how can you be intrigued without the open to pull you in. There were a ton of shows I used to actually stick around with because the theme song was so good.

Like One Tree Hill and the epicness of Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Wanna Be”:

After they got rid of that song I stopped watching the show. And more often times then not if a show doesn’t have at least some form of open I tend to not be interested. You can’t just hand a present without the wrapping paper. I mean you could but it would kinda be disappointing.

With this era of short attention spans and need for more sponsorships, TV shows have a content more approach. Maximizing the minutes so they can get right to the stories. I miss the days where you used to watch a show for a long time. Filler episodes galore and nice characters that you want to see get into hijinks and an unforgettable theme song.

Do I just miss the old-school sitcoms? I do, but I also the hour-long dramas that used the opening theme to take you into the zone. Few shows achieved this magic and few shows have achieved this today. So in honor of the all time great themes, here are some theme songs that you have to watch every episode. And when you see the bar pop up that says “skip the intro” you ignore it because you don’t need that negativity in your life.

  • X-Men 97

    If you don’t watch the whole thing then you aren’t ready for the action. I love it when something old becomes new again.

  • Power: Book II Ghost

    Power has grown and expanded with each featuring a song from Producer: 50 Cent. But it always goes back to the original theme featuring Joe, Big Rich Town. 50 always knows how to set the mood.

  • House Of The Dragon

    Game Of! GAME OF GAME OF THRONES! The song doesn’t have lyrics but in my heart those are the ones. The Prequel show is just as epic as the original and continuing the legacy with the iconic theme.

  • Modern Family

    The frantic pace of this theme just adds to the tone. Now the show has ended but the reruns on every network make me rush to watch it whenever I see them.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Now this is a different one because I’ve heard of it better never actually seen this show. Here’s the premise “Jax Stewart is a successful defense lawyer at an up-scale Los Angeles law firm. She navigates difficult cases amid a separation from her husband and the reappearance of a former client she worked with in her previous job as a public defender.” Strong Black Lady Lawyers are always top tier and I love this song so expect this one to be my next addiction.

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