There are a lot of red flags in some relationships. How much is too much?

I had a chat with a buddy recently about his relationship. And man, was he ever throwing off some red flags!

It didn’t sound like maybe he realized they were. So maybe pointing these out will help him get a grip!

Are these red flags too much? Should anybody put up with them?

  • Nagging

    A little nagging isn’t always bad. Sometimes we need to get our tails in gear. But all the time?

    angry young woman with megaphone shouting at stressed scared man blown away by wave of alphabet letters

    Getty Images

  • Taking Too Long to Get Ready

    We know some people take a while, but how long is too long? Especially when it’s all the time.

    Handsome caucasian couple standing in bathroom and preparing for work. Man talking on the smart phone and looking at wristwatch while woman standing in front of mirror and putting powder.

    Getty Images

  • Getting Mad For No Apparent Reason

    It’s ok to lose your cool sometimes. But when it’s happening all the time? 

    Angry millennial couple arguing shouting blaming each other of problems

    Getty Images

  • Stalking People

    This should be a given. Don’t do it.

    Girl with eyesight problems trying to read phone text

    Getty Images

  • Being Too Dramatic

    Not everything has to be drama. It really doesn’t. 

    Young hispanic couple with problems sitting on the sofa in silence at home.

    Getty Images

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