Here's 50 tips to have the happiest marriages, according to a UK study.

Looking to spark a little more romance now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone: A new poll has given us 50 tips that can help make the happiest marriages.

According to SWNS Digital, a UK poll by Warner Leisure Hotels found that the happiest marriages did things like: Have sex five times a week; Say “I love you” 10 times a week; sharing hobbies; and so much more.

“We weren’t surprised to see that taking short breaks is one of the secret ingredients to a happy marriage,” said Simon Thompson, Managing Director of Warner Leisure Hotels. “Many couples who visit us say they feel closer after a romantic weekend relaxing and unwinding together – and it certainly helps that neither have to do the chores.”

The study measured 2,000 UK couples, and painted a pretty convincing picture of what tips you need to have the happiest marriages. It also suggested that maybe fighting a couple times a month was just as good for you as a few extra rolls in the hay.

“However, as this survey clearly shows, it takes a good mix of humor, affection, understanding and interest to keep a relationship exciting,” Thompson said. “The definition of romance differs from person to person. Some are content with tiny little gestures on a regular basis, and others want the full hearts and flowers approach to love. Whatever your preference, the key to a happy marriage appears to be time – time with each other, time apart, time to forgive, time to laugh, and time to understand.”

Here’s a look at the 50 tips to make the happiest marriages:

  • 1. Spending quality time together

  • 2. Looking after them when they're sick

  • 3. Feeling you can be completely yourself

  • 4. Letting them pursue their own hobbies and interests

  • 5. Seeing each other at your worst and best

  • 6. Having regular cuddles

  • 7. Being respectful to them in front of others

  • 8. Making regular plans together

  • 9. Being proud of their achievements

  • 10. Being silly with each other

  • 11. Exploring new places together

  • 12. Sharing the same sense of humor

  • 13. Trying new things together

  • 14. Always remembering important occasions

  • 15. Not making decisions for each other without checking in first

  • 16. Having a fair distribution of household chores

  • 17. Showing an interest even when they’re talking about something you don’t understand

  • 18. Forgiving their bad habits

  • 19. Doing things they want to do, even if you don’t enjoy it

  • 20. Saying ‘I love you’ every day

  • 21. Saying 'good morning' and 'good night' each day

  • 22. Listening to the other grumble about work

  • 23. Going on weekends away together

  • 24. Always making them a hot drink when you make one

  • 25. Not going to sleep on an argument

  • 26. Turning a blind eye when the other is grumpy

  • 27. Being prepared to watch TV shows you don't like

  • 28. Being nice to their family / get along with the in-laws

  • 29. Having a good routine

  • 30. Being forgiving if they admit to crashing the car or shrinking your favorite t-shirt

  • 31. Going out of your way to make one another laugh

  • 32. Being able to laugh about arguments afterwards

  • 33. Watching a TV series together and trusting the other one not to watch an episode alone

  • 34. Noting when they talk about something they are interested in or want, and treat them with it later

  • 35. Make an effort with their friends

  • 36. Accepting that sometimes you get a better night’s sleep apart

  • 37. Picking your battles

  • 38. Having weird in-jokes

  • 39. Surprising them with gifts

  • 40. Always praising them to other people

  • 41. Being prepared to share your meal when eating out

  • 42. Saying they still look beautiful when they're looking their worst

  • 43. Being comfortable with using the bathroom in front of each other

  • 44. Buying an extra snack or drink even though they said they didn't want it

    (Because you know they will want one when they see yours)

  • 45. Farting in front of each other without being grossed out

  • 46. Leaving nice messages for one another

  • 47. One of you being a voice of reason

  • 48. Regularly delivering tea or coffee in bed

  • 49. Playfully insulting each other relentlessly

  • 50. Always taking one another's side even if they’re not right

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