The good people in Charlotte apparently don't have a lot to swear about.

Most cities would be **bleeping** mad to be at the bottom of a rankings list, but Charlotte has to be happy about being one of the best when it comes to cities that swear most.

According to the good folks over at, the Queen City of Charlotte averages only 19 swear words per day, good enough to be in the bottom half of a recent study. Preply surveyed folks from 30 of the largest cities in the country to figure out the rankings.

Some of the key findings from Preply were fascinating!

  • The average respondent swears 21 times per day.
  • The U.S. city that swears the most frequently is Columbus, Ohio, at 36 times per day.
  • The average age Americans start using swear words is 11.
  • “Taboo” situations Americans are most likely to swear in include work (69%), in front of strangers (67%), and at the dinner table (63%).
  • Over half of Americans use swear word substitutions — favorites include “fudge,” “shoot” and “frick.”

According to the study, Americans say that at home is where they swear the most, and most say they were likely to swear in front of strangers.

And who is most likely to be sworn at? Well, yourself obviously. Some 54 percent of people said they are the target of their own swear words.

“Americans are also likely to use swear words to express themselves in specific contexts, such as when they are in pain, frustrated, or even happy. The most common ways they use swear words are when 1) accidentally hurting themselves, 2) expressing road rage, and 3) receiving bad news.”

While we won’t be listing the most popular swear words, we can safely report on the most popular substitutions! Preply said that “fudge/fudgesicle” is the most common replacement word, with “shoot” right behind it.

So where are the worst cities for swear words in the country? Let’s take a look:

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