Last week was all ice, but there is actually a chance Fayetteville will get snow thanks to the latest forecasts.

It’s finally time for Fayetteville to get some snow in the forecast. For sure this time. Unless…well, maybe not.

Look, by now we all know it’s complicated when we talk about Fayetteville and snow and weather forecasts. But there does appear to be a pretty strong chance of some snow coming down in the next 24-48 hours.

The setup is a tricky one that seems to be confounding to meteorologists trying to do some forecasting. There’s definitely moisture coming into the area. Rain should start Thursday afternoon. There’s definitely cold temperatures coming into the area. It’s going to drop into the upper 20s by Friday morning.

The catch is, will the cold temperatures and that moisture get to the right place at the right time? Normally by now, there’s a clear picture on that happening. But weather models have been all over the place in the last few hours, and that makes forecasting quite difficult.

If things work out just right, Fayetteville and the surrounding area could see 2-4 inches of frozen precipitation. The catch will be… whether it’s sleet, frozen rain, or snow.

As of right now, Fayetteville is seen getting SOME snow in most of the forecast models. The National Weather Service identified that rain is starting to move in:

“Light rain continues to fill west to east this morning ahead of an arctic cold front draped along NC mountains. Later this afternoon, cold air will spill in from the north promoting a change over to sleet and then snow across northern areas!”

So the hope now is that all the stars align and that we don’t see too much of a frozen mess, and instead we get a winter wonderland. Knowing how things have gone in the past, we won’t hold our breath.

Regardless, we’ve got you covered on closures, forecasts, important news and information, and more. Click here to get to all that.

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