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Aux Goddess Playlist: Rapsody Please Don’t Cry

I was blessed with a magical experience this year at Dreamville when I had the pleasure of meeting my favorite artist Rapsody. Although the title of her latest project, "Please Don't Cry," seems like it was meant for me, she had planned this release long before our paths crossed. Nonetheless, the title felt incredibly fitting as I had to hold back tears. I even cried the first time I listened to her "Eve" album. Rapsody is more than a rapper; she embodies the true artistry of hip hop. Rapsody with G-Moniy & Babydoll Meeting Rapsody, born Marlanna Evans, you'd never expect such a modest, soulful, petite woman to create such monumental art Like "Please Don't Cry." Her work is profound and will likely be celebrated long after both of us have left this world. Yet, this year, I boldly accused my shero of "breadcrumbing" her fans. Audacious, indeed. But she understands that we crave a complete body of work to fully immerse ourselves in. Rapsody didn't disapoint with "Please Don't Cry" and I am grateful that she dropped it on Friday because I needed a weekend minimum to sit with her music. I had to take a couple of longs drives with with. I needed to play some tracks on repeat late night in the car during those me and God moments. I'm currently reading the autobiogrphy of a Yogi and I fee like Ms. Evans gave me the soundtrack. This album showcases Rapsody embracing her identity as an artist, a woman, and a beautifully flawed human being. There's depth, beauty, and moments of spiritual introspection. Rapsody never disappoints, and I had to share a few of my favorite tracks with you,  my luvs!

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