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Is Future finally showing some real emotion over the split with Ciara, in his new video for Love You Better?

Most of us are aware of the messy breakup between Future and Ciara, and his new song “Love You Better” may finally be addressing this.

We are also aware of Ciara finding a happily-ever-after with NFL star Russell Wilson.

There have been many public messy moments during the transition into co-parenting between the former couple.

Future has maintained a stance that garnered him the label of heartless savage in hip hop culture. He has become the posterchild for the “City Boy” lifestyle.

Until now, that is, with the release of the visuals for Love You Better. For the first time since his break up with Ciara, Future seems to be exhibiting remorse and actual healthy human emotion in Love You Better. The parallels between the video and his break up with Ciara are remarkable, with Future going so far as to even portray the role of clown in his own video.

The lyrics seem to tell that conflicted story too:

Takin’ our memories on love and treatin’ it like nothin’
Takin’ our memories on love and treatin’ it like gossip
It’s my love from my grandmother make me gentle when I care for you
Tell me you fallin’ out of love, it’s breakin’ my heart in two
I just don’t wanna sit and pray, baby
I almost like it didn’t happen to make you happy

Check out Future’s visuals for Love You Better below.

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