Good news Fayetteville motorcycle riders, you may be a lot safer out there, thanks to these new airbag motorcycle jeans.

Motorcycle riding is obviously quite popular around Fayetteville, and now a company is trying to make you safer, with airbag jeans designed to protect you in a crash.

Could you imagine driving a car these days without an airbag? Me neither. It is very reassuring to have this safety feature in the event of a crash.

For those that love to ride motorcycles, the only safety devices for a long time have been maybe a helmet, and leather attire. Things are changing and improving.

Thanks to new technology, you can now add jeans that have airbags built right into the fabric. That’s right. In the event of an accident, a CO2 cartridge would inflate the airbags reducing the risk of serious injury.

Mo’cycle, a company from Sweden, has invented jeans that inflate in a crash, to help absorb the impact of a fall.

“The flat airbag makes the jeans comfortable to wear because the airbag is soft and flat, it’s not felt,” the company said in a press release about the jeans. “The airbag is activated when the rider is bodily separated from the vehicle, the trigger mechanism is a tether connecting the jeans to the motorcycle and works as a dead man’s switch.”

Now, these aren’t going to come cheap. The new product is currently available for $547, through the company’s indiegogo campaign. But they might be worth it.

Check out the video and photos below to see how crazy effective it might be for a motorcycle rider in Fayetteville to stay safe with airbag jeans.

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