Dreamville Festival: Complete Coverage

Dreamville Coverage Presented by Romeo's Pizza of Fayetteville

Morray with Foxy 99's G-Moniy and Babydoll

Fayetteville native Morray is up at Dreamville Festival, and G-Moniy and Babydoll got a chance to talk with him about the festival and what he’s up to.

“Whether I’m performing or whether I’m here, I gotta support Big Bro,” Morray said. “I’ve been working so much, I’m glad I got me a day to myself just to come out here and vibe, listen to some good music. Drizzy here. Cole here. Summer here. Come on!”

Morray has been busy with new projects, including a new song with T-Jay.

“I feel good. I feel great about the single. I feel great about the video,” Morray said.

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